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ViscoLogic Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Bamboo Fibre Washable Cover (Twin/Single)


Viscologic exclusive gel memory foam is the latest memory foam technology.Tempratre Control.

Gives Warm Feeling in Colder Climate conditions and Cool feling in Warmer Climate conditions.If you do not want your mattress to be too soft or too hard, try Viscologic Gel Memory Foam Topper for Appropriate and ideal comfort.

- Viscologic Gel Memory Foam Provides the Ultimate in Comfort and Support

- Viscologic Exclusive Gel Memory Foam is the Latest Memory Foam Technology

- Superior Comfort and Pressure Point Relief Compared to Traditional Memory Foam

- Improves Sleep by Reducing Tossing and Turning Caused by Painful Pressure Points

- Removable, Machine-Washable Fitted Bamboo Cover, Holds Topper Securely in Place on Mattress

- After Unpacking, Allow Up To 48 to 72 Hours for Topper to Fully Expand

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