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ZfLogic 3D Ankle Protector Compression Sleeve

$60.00 $26.95


Ankle sprains often occurs when the ankle "turns in", twist or rolls more than it should, forcing the ankle joint out of its normal position. Our ligaments connects the bones of the ankle together and when it is stretched or torn, a "sprained" ankle is the result. This can stretch or tear the ligaments that hold your ankle bones and joints together.

With this unique 3D design formulation knee compression pad, you can prevent your ankle from injury. All you need to do is put on the compression pad on your feet and tie the wraps to your ankles. It's light-weighted and its so comfortable, you'll probably forget you're wearing it at all. Product Features: Provide Great Ankle Protection: This ankle support provides great relief from variety of ankle ailment including plantar fasciitis, sprains, muscle fatigues, swelling and other ankle pain. The consistent compression of the 3D ankle compression pad can also helps promote good blood circulation. Multi-Purpose Benefits: Our ankle support delivers targeted compression for superior support, comfort and relief without compromising your mobility. This ankle support are perfect for any activity requiring ankle movement including running, athletics, jogging, hiking, golf, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, walking, cross fit and even yoga. Breathable & Incredible Construction: It's light-weighted design, elasticated stretch and adjustable wraps provide amazing compression support and stability for your ankles and feet to prevent stress injury. You can now enjoy wearing them without loss of performance or discomfort for continuous hours of usage. Perfect Fit: Whether your ankle is a little bit slender or even meaty, we've a fit for you. The 3D fabric weave provides great compression and perfect fit around your ankle, allowing you to benefit the compression support without suffering from sleeves that are too constricting. Feature: Three-dimensional weaving technology, high flexibility, good ventilation, wearing a more comfortable fit Pressure belt design, adjustable, more fit parts Applicable: Ankle sprains, ankle instability, injury rehabilitation Can protect your ankle Suitable for running, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, badminton, tennis, weightlifting, cycling and so on Specification: Material:Spandex 8%, Latex 32%, Nylon 60% Size: M: 19-21CM, L: 21-23CM, Xl: 23-25CM; Target User: Unisex Type: Ankle Support